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Karakalpak Human Rights Defender Saadatdin Reimov had a heart attack in prison. 

Freedom for Eurasia has consistently raised concerns regarding situation of Saadatdin Reimov, a human rights activist from Karakalpakstan who has been unlawfully imprisoned since 2022. Our recent report underscores the severe mistreatment he faces in prison due to his and his family’s advocacy against human rights abuses, resulting in their unjust persecution and imprisonment. Despite warnings from Uzbek authorities to cease contact with international human rights organizations, Reimov continues to disobey. 

Saadatdin Reimov is serving his term in prison number 34, “Manzil” in Kamashi district, Kashkadaria region, Uzbekistan. Our latest information reveals that Saadatdin Reimov suffered a heart attack in prison but has been denied adequate medical treatment and hospitalization. Instead, he is subjected to demanding labor, which is unsuitable for his health and age. He gets paid mere 0.39 USD for three months (5 thousand Uzbek sum) for three months of heavy labour in prison. Which is equivalent to slave labour. This gross disregard for his well-being by prison authorities puts his life in danger and he is subjected to it solely because of his activist stance. We continue to urge proper medical care and humane treatment for Saadatdin Reimov, emphasizing his right to receive life-saving medical treatment in a specialised medical facility in line with international standards and basic human decency.

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