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Another Karakalpak activist, Rasul Jumaniyazov is arrested in Astana

On March 26, 2024, Rasul Jumaniyazov, an activist from Karakalpakstan, was arrested by Kazakh law enforcement authorities. Jumaniyazov is known for his advocacy for Karakalpakstan’s sovereignty, which he expressed through his engagement on social media platforms. Regrettably, his outspoken stance has made him a target for persecution by authorities. He has openly criticized the Uzbekistan government’s human rights violations in Karakalpakstan, both before and after the events of July 1-2, 2022.

Additionally, Jumaniyazov is affiliated with the political party in exile, Alga Karakalpakstan. In 2021, Jumaniyazov experienced threats and endured torture due to his association with Alga Karakalpakstan and his exercise of freedom of speech. Faced with escalating persecution, Jumaniyazov made the difficult decision to leave Karakalpakstan behind. Recently, the National Security Forces of Uzbekistan have contacted Jumaniyazov, demanding his voluntary return to Karakalpakstan.

As of now, Freedom for Eurasia is working to clarify the charges brought against Jumaniyazov.

Disturbing reports emerging from Kazakhstan since the start of 2024 indicate a systematic pattern of Uzbekistan’s transnational repression targeting Karakalpak activists abroad.

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