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Karakalpak blogger and civil society activist Menlibayev Nauryzbai Torebai uly and his family are subjected to inhumane treatment in Poland Chopin airport detention center

On 8 February 2024 blogger and civil society activist Menlibayev Nauryzbai Torebai uly, persecuted by Uzbek authorities, and his family (wife and a 1-year-old child) have been transferred from Austria to Poland under Dublin procedure despite the risk of ill-treatment in Poland via air flight. The family was on the road from 5 o’clock on 8 February 2024 in the morning and arrived in Warsaw Chopin airport on a flight from Vienna at approximately 9 o’clock in the morning on 8 February 2024. They were locked in a cell and were not given food or water for at least 12 hours. The child is still breastfeeding but without food, water and in conditions of stress the mother does not have milk, there is no special food for the child and the child’s health and well-being is endangered.

We call on Polish authorities to ensure the asylum seekers’ needs are met especially with consideration of the rights of the child and they are provided with food and water and are released as soon as possible from detention.

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