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Karakalpak Youtube blogger Mustafa Tursynbaev arrested

For decades, Uzbekistan has been notorious for its persecution of independent journalists and bloggers, despite President Mirziyoyev’s assertions of freedom of speech within the country. While official rhetoric may claim otherwise, the reality on the ground tells a different story.

Recent reports from Freedom of Eurasia have shed light on the ongoing arrests of bloggers who dare to speak out, particularly regarding issues such as the overshadowing of the Karakalpak language by Uzbek. Today, Freedom for Eurasia has received distressing news of yet another arrest, this time targeting Mustafa Tursynbaev, a well-known independent YouTube blogger.

With over 150,000 followers, Mustafa’s channel focuses on daily life in Karakalpakstan. He also was a co-signer of appeals to President Mirziyoyev to name the airport in Nukus after the Karakalpak political figure Allayar Dosnazarov. It’s worth noting that Mustafa has been targeted before; he was previously arrested in 2022 following the July protests. While details of the charges against Mustafa remain undisclosed at this time, it is evident that his arrest is directly linked to his activities on YouTube.

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