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Kyrgyzstan: Urgent Appeal from Kempir-Abad Case Defendants

During Kempir-Abad case court session on 28 May 2024 the former member of parliament and oppositioner Ravshan Jeenbekov reported that one of his cellmates has been diagnosed with open form of tuberculosis, a highly contagious and dangerous infectious disease. This revelation underscores the severe risk to the health and lives of the detainees in the pre-trial detention center (SIZO 1).

Jeenbekov suspects deliberate exposure, as inmates undergo thorough tuberculosis screening upon entry. He believes this is a targeted attempt to harm him by placing him with an infected individual.

We are compelled to state that the health and lives of those detained in the pre-trial detention center are in grave danger. Knowing that inmates are meticulously screened for tuberculosis upon admission, we assert that Ravshan Jeenbekov is intentionally exposed to this dangerous disease. This action appears to be a deliberate effort to harm Jeenbekov by placing him in a cell with an infected person. In light of this, we demand an immediate investigation into this incident, accountability for those responsible, and comprehensive health screenings for all detainees in the pre-trial detention center. Ensuring the safety and health of those in custody is imperative.

Freedom for Eurasia are urgently calling for these measures to protect their health and lives while in detention.

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