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Attack against Karakalpak activist and her family in Kazakhstan

Karakalpak activist Ziuar Mirmanbetova, residing in Kazakhstan and seeking asylum due to persecution in Karakalpakstan for her activism, was attacked along with her family an hour ago by unidentified men in their home. Earlier today, Ziuar reported receiving numerous calls from unknown numbers and threats via personal messages on social media. Despite calls to the Kazakh police, they have not yet responded. During the attack, Ziuar’s 17-year-old daughter was beaten in the face multiple times. Both Freedom for Eurasia and Ziuar suspect the attack is linked to her activism.

Recently, Ziuar was sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison in Uzbekistan, alongside other Karakalpak activists in Kazakhstan. Despite having grounds for refugee protection under Kazakhstan’s legislation, Kazakh authorities refused her asylum claim, placing Ziuar and her family in significant danger.

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